(Minghui.org) Musik ini didedikasikan untuk Guru Li Hongzhi, pencipta Falun Dafa. Pada tanggal 13 Mei, kami merayakan Hari Falun Dafa Sedunia dan mengucapkan selamat Ulang Tahun kepada Guru Li.



Gratitude Towards Master

May is a season of flowers, blossoming in such a fine day;Fairies dance in the divine with celestial music played in ten directions;Celebrated across heaven and earth, we are grateful to Master at the special occasion.

Master imparts the truth, as his compassion reaches far and wide;Awakened out of delirium, we are thankful for the message from divine;Dafa teaches us to be good, bringing us on the path returning to the origin.

A pure mind is not attached to the secular world, with wisdom to tell apart good and evil;Tribulations are opportunities to temper our will, as harsh persecution forges unshakable determination;Master takes care of us along the way, enlightening us disciples with righteous thoughts.

History in the Land of Divine1 is like a play, with karmic relation transcends across dynasties;Shen Yun brings scenes where we belong, helping those find journey back before long;Facts clarify lies and untangle the vines, helping save people returning to the divine.

Lotus flowers rise in the mud, not long quivering despite rain, wind, or flood;Remaining diligent in the cultivation path, we practitioners save people out of the CCP’s2 bloodbath;Gigantic cosmos remembers our gratitude to Master, we welcome a brighter future filled with happiness thereafter.

Note: 1Shenzhou, or Land of Divine, refers to China. 2The CCP: The Chinese Communist Party